A sImple destruction_04A SIMPLE DESTRUCTION
mixed media
dimensions variable including seven mirrors of 10″ (diameter) x 1.5mm (thick) each


A sImple destruction_03





A Simple Destruction

Day one: Blue plant arrived at door.
Received it in a surgical mask.

Day two: Plant crawled on my bed.
I slept surrounded by toys.

Day three: The toys disappeared.
The plant’s sucked up half my face.

Day four: Fumbled about with one eye.
All my mosquitoes killed.
A tendril forcing open my mouth.

Day five: Furniture crumbled, walls collapsed.
Blue plant half-sunk into my face.
My mouth still open.

Day six: Stared into bathroom mirror.
Opened a new mask.

Day seven: New plant arrived at door.
In my mask, I opened it.